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The Saints Wear White (detail)


Architecture, interior

Chapel with mural

Hubei Province, China


Dedicated to medical workers saving lives during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic.

Medical Disruption


Hospital bed, equipment, stools

The Saints Wear White (painting)


Oil on canvas

36" x 54", 91.4 x 137.2 cm


Intended for charity auction. Artist profit to be donated to World Health Organization for COVID-19 vaccine research.

Chambers Chair



Wood frame, cotton fabric

17" W x 17" D x 34" H


Printed on a soft shell is a firm message regarding domestic violence.



Mini table

Cotton and painted acrylic

24" L x 14" W x 12" H, size variable



Herbal soap

Size and shape variable


The table sinks gently when something is put on it. "Ah!", as if it responds. The wall smells like a herb garden. Over time, it ages and erodes slightly, colors more mixed together, but it still maintains its structure.

Dissolved Table 02 / Dissolved Temple




50" L x 30" W x 28" H, size and shape variable




Size and shape variable


Table legs, columns, and beams are dissolved into many thin members.

Winding Stream


Table, console table, bar table

Oak/walnut, partially bleached

96" L x 36" W x 28" H, size and shape variable



Aged wood structure

Size and shape variable


In a distorted Eastern-Asian-house-like pavilion, long serpentine tables wind in between the columns. Dynamic and delicate at the same time.




Oak, painted, and lacquered

16" W x 16" D x 32" H


The surface of the chair is painted in an extravagant medieval or early Renaissance image.

Canal Chair



Oak, painted

18" W x 18" D x 34" H


Inspired by the classic form of a Chinese chair and the exuberant vibe of Manhattan's Chinatown and Lower East Side, this chair feels historic but contemporary, elegant but camp.

Table 4x4




94" L x 40" W x 30" H, size variable



Light head in aluminum or concrete. Fluorescent tube or LED strip

Shape adjustable, ceiling- or wall-mounted


Surgical Brutalism.

Room of 975 Arched Windows


Wall, window

Material variable

Size variable


An arched window is a form of historic heaviness. The matrix of densely arranged arched windows creates an atmosphere of imposing power but also meditative peace.

Room of Dissolved Windows


Wall, window

Material variable

Size variable


The window dissolves, from one into many. It turns from bright and simple, to dark and contemplative.



Undisclosed location, China


Division walls from classical Chinese gardens are repeated and create multiple empty zones for the soul to wander in.

Persian Cultural Center (concept)


Персидский культурный центр (концепция)

Moscow, Russia


With a heterotopic mosque-like world underground and a few ruins-like small monuments above ground, the architecture, in an interesting way, reflects a culture of a long history and a close relation between the two countries.

Paper Table Collection


40 tables, 2019


Characteristics of visual form in designs today are moments of continuous evolution through history. Regularities and patterns are reflected across different media, time, and locations. The perceptual environment we are living in is a result of overlapping cycles – cycles of growth and decline, alternating interests, and perhaps human nature. These cycles offer a generative process applicable to any given design. An original form changes continuously, each moment a mutant form, therefore creating endless possibilities between austere blankness and extravagant elaboration. Being white and not context-specific, all these forms are like embryos, each able to grow into more specific designs.

Paper Shirt Collection


40 shirts, 2020



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