What is Doesn't Come Out?


A design studio.

Its current creative director is Duyi Han.




What does "Doesn't Come Out" design?


Feeling of beauty. Emotion-invoking design.

Through perceptual experience – an object, a room, an image...




More specifically?


While most designers have their fixed styles,

We transcend style and time period

Because there are different kinds of beauty

On the spectrum between austere and extravagant, between cold and warm, between coarse and refined, between fear and trust, between (the feeling of) the past and the future.


We research the evolution of design and aesthetics, and the (social, cultural, historical, geographic, etc) ingredients of beauty.

We apply our research to our independent designs, such as furniture and architecture.

We use our philosophy to help designers to mutate their work and expand their beauty,

To achieve unforeseen and poetic creations.

For example, furniture, scene design, and graphic visualization.




What does "Doesn't Come Out" mean?


So dedicated to the design that the perfect idea is often stuck.

So dedicated to the design that the designer doesn't get out of their studio.

Acknowledge the frustration of perfectionism and creativity.


The evolution of aesthetics has its cycles. The nature of humanity, society, and economics.

We are always in the cycle.




Is there a way to learn more about "Doesn't Come Out" design philosophy?


Book Global Warming will be released in June 2022.




About Duyi Han:


Grew up in Shanghai and studied architecture at Rice University and Cornell University (B. Arch). Worked at architecture office Herzog & de Meuron in Basel, Switzerland.




How do I initiate a collaboration with Doesn't Come Out?


Please email: atelier@doesnt-come-out.com

Or message via Instagram: @doesnt-come-out

We are currently accepting commissions and collaborations.

We also provide 3D-visualization/rendering and design consulting service.

We currently do not accept job inquiries.



How do I order or purchase a design by Doesn't Come Out?


All purchases are processed through email. Please email: atelier@doesnt-come-out.com



Where is Doesn't Come Out based?


New York and Los Angeles.

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