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Characteristics of visual form in designs today are moments of continuous evolution through history. Regularities and patterns are reflected across different media, time, and locations. The perceptual environment we are living in is a result of overlapping cycles – cycles of growth and decline, alternating interests, and perhaps human nature. These cycles offer a generative process applicable to any given design. The most straightforward application would be to a simple form: an original form changes continuously, each moment a mutant form, therefore creating endless possibilities between austere blankness and extravagant elaboration.


Aesthetic trend forecast in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

March 2020

Book Global Warming will be released in June 2022.


European painting and sculpture

Late 1400s – 1800s

Graphic Design

Website and computer graphics

1990s – 2010s


European painting, mosaic, and sculpture

Classical Antiquity – Middle Ages


Chinese painting

Sui Dynasty – Song Dynasty (late 500s – 1200s)


European architecture

Classical Antiquity – Middle Ages


Western architecture

1400s – late 1800s

Product design

European furniture

1500s – 1800s

Product design

Mainly Western furniture and objects

Early 1900s – 2010s

Fashion and lifestyle

Mainly Western fashion and lifestyle

1950s – 2010s


Urban development

Mainly 1950s – 2010s


Modern and contemporary architecture

Early 1900s – 2010s

Exhibition at Oculus/World Trade Center, New York, 2019

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